The paper is blank. Your deadline is looming. We're here to help.

The Go Bag is a problem solving tool kit that exists to help guide you through times of creative block by sparking unconventional solutions to your problems by referencing your experiences and relationships. Our workbook begins with an overview of the creative process, where we introduce our key steps: define, research, organize, draft, execute and resolve. Through a series of real-life scenarios and guiding questions, we hope to help you break through road blocks at each step of the process.

The Dice

There are two dice provided with the Go Bag. One dice displays symbols that represent different thematic approaches you could apply to your design or concept. The other dice reveals symbols that represent a single aspect of your design to redevelop. If you find that your image is not really exciting, consider rolling the dice and re-addressing your concept based on the icons that are revealed.

Download dice template Download a 3-D printer file

The Go Bag is a work in progress,
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